3 Ways to Get Home When Locked Out Of Your Car, Van, SUV, or Truck

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3 Ways to Get Home When Locked Out Of Your Car, Van, SUV, or Truck

If you haven’t locked yourself out of your vehicle yet, you are lucky. But chances are your luck is going to run out eventually, and should that time come, you need to have a plan in place for how you’re going to get home. With our busy lives and all the distractions around us, it’s all too easy to lock our keys in the trunk or forget them on the seat.

And if you lose them altogether? Well, that means things can get even more complicated. To help, below are 3 ways to get home when locked out of your car, van, SUV, or truck.

Call a Locksmith

Here in Southern California, there are many locksmith services—as well as towing companies that offer lockout services—that operate 24/7 and are happy to help you get back inside your vehicle. Many of these companies are able to reach you in about 30 minutes, so you don’t need to wait any longer for their service than you would to get a pizza. Once they arrive, it is only a matter of minutes before they are able to open the door.

If you feel your situation is an emergency, be sure to let them know. Some emergency situations would include the car running and being at risk of overheating, children locked in the car, and pets locked in the car. The service should then try to get to you faster or suggest that you call the police should the emergency be bigger than you realize.

However, this is only an option if your keys are locked inside and not lost. If you do not know where your keys are, you will need to have the ignition and locks replaced. Some locksmith and towing companies are willing to provide this service on the road, but since it is time consuming, you will likely not want to sit around waiting for it to be done.

Call a Cab

If you do not have the time to wait and you are in a populated area, you can easily call a cab to get you home. Depending on where you are, a cab might arrive faster than a locksmith or towing company. However, this is not an ideal solution. Yes, you will be home quickly, but you will still have to make a trip back to your car within a day to get back inside and get your car home. In addition, if you don’t have spare house keys or someone at home to let you in, you will be locked out at home as well. In essence, reserve this option for those moments when you absolutely need to get home as soon as possible and have a surefire way to get inside your home.

Call a Tow Truck Company

We like this option the best, and not just because we are a tow truck company. It’s beneficial because it really solves any problem that could come your way. Tow truck companies can arrive on the scene as quickly as most locksmiths, and many can provide the same lockout services. And should your keys be lost, or another problem arise due to the lockout, they can tow your car to wherever you need it to be. Out of all the options, this one is the most convenient.

So, should you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle, give us a call; we are always here for you.


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