4 Tips to Prevent a Dead Car Battery While Away from Home

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  • How to Prevent a Dead Battery While Away from Home in San Diego County

4 Tips to Prevent a Dead Car Battery While Away from Home

A dead car battery while you’re on the road can put you in a tough spot. Unable to start or move your car and without your usual help on hand, you’ll find yourself scrambling to find a solution. However, there are some things you can to do help avoid this scenario.  To prevent a dead car battery while away from home, use these 4 helpful tips:

Observe Your Battery Before Leaving

A quick check under the hood before you head out on your journey can save you headaches later. You’ll want to check the battery casing to ensure that it is not swollen or bloated. A battery that’s experienced extreme heat may swell, diminishing the battery life. If you notice this, you’ll want to replace your battery before you leave in order to avoid a dead car battery. In addition, check the fluid levels by looking through a transparent area of the casing. A fluid level below the plates means you need to get your battery checked – it may be close to the end of its life.

Notice the Tell-tale Signs

There are some tell-tale signs close to the end of a battery’s life that you can notice to avoid an unexpected dead battery while you’re away from home. One of these signs is that your car has trouble starting. If your car isn’t starting readily, it may be a sign that there is a battery problem. You may also notice that electrically powered features such as power windows and lights are on the fritz. Your lights may be duller than usual as well. These are signs that your battery may not be in great condition and that you should have it checked before leaving.

Service and Replace Your Battery Regularly

It’s good practice to have your battery serviced towards the end of your battery’s warranty. If you have a typical 2 to 3-year warranty on your battery, you may want to get it serviced in the last 6 months or year. This will help avoid experiencing an unexpected dead battery. Batteries should be replaced when they start to cause you problems, or if your service provider suggests that it’s time. Due to the components of batteries, they do not last forever and need to be replaced periodically.

Clean Corroded Terminals

Sometimes battery troubles are less severe than they would appear. Corrosion on your battery terminals can mean that your battery isn’t functioning to full potential. Before you leave home, look at the terminals on your battery. If you see a powdery substance, clean it off with a cloth and some grease. It will keep your battery’s connection to the car strong and working well, meaning you won’t experience battery trouble on the road.

However, sometimes the unexpected can leave you in a lurch, no matter how much you prepare. Perhaps a car door was left open or a light left on inside the car, and your battery may get worn down overnight. If you find yourself in this situation, a quality roadside service can help by providing you with a jump or a new battery.

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