• How a Towing Company can support you after a Car Accident in San Diego County


Experiencing a car accident is a stressful situation. Your nerves are shaking, you’ve got adrenaline pumping, and about a million things are running through your head. You’re going to be late to where you are going, you need to call your spouse and/or kids, and of course you have to consider the financial implications of what’s just happened.  However, you also need to speak with your insurance company, possibly the police, and take care of your own health. In the midst of all of this, you’re probably also dreading sorting out how your car faired the accident, what to do about it and who should take care of it.

Who can help you through this? One such unlikely hero may be your towing company. Here are some of the things you can expect a quality towing company to do to help you when you’re in an accident:

1.    They get there fast

You won’t want to be waiting around for hours for your towing company to show up. Clearing an accident from the road is a priority. The first way a towing company can help you when you’re in an accident is by showing up quickly.

2.    They get you to safety

The first priority of a towing company on arrival should be to evaluate the situation and move you and your vehicle to a safe place. If you are in need of medical attention, your towing company should be able to call the paramedics immediately to get you some help, and stay with you if you need support. Sometimes hazards may threaten your vehicle after the crash, so getting it to safety before making other decisions is a necessity.

3.    They help you get moving

In some cases, your vehicle won’t be damaged to the point of not being able to drive. A quality towing company will help you evaluate this and provide mechanical support to get your vehicle moving again. That means you’ll regain your independence and control over the situation and will be able to drive yourself to the mechanic of your choice to get any further work or evaluations done. This saves you money by avoiding a costly tow.

4.    They get you to a lot

Unfortunately, some accidents are bad enough that the car is not drivable following the crash. In these cases, a quality towing company will give you options for where to tow your car. Towing companies often possess their own impound lots where you can leave your vehicle until decisions regarding repairs can be made. This is especially true if your car has been totaled; in such cases your car can sit safely until an insurance rep can inspect it to confirm the damage. At that point, you can sell it to the towing company or have it towed to an auction site or scrap yard.

5.    They’re Supportive

A great towing company will give you support in this stressful moment and won’t put undue pressure on you to move your vehicle out before you’re ready. They should be understanding and patient as you’re dealing with the necessary steps following the collision. Towers also have lots of experience with accidents and can often provide a wealth of knowledge for how best to navigate the situation.

Rely on a Car Accident Specialist

You should always be prepared with the name and number of a quality towing company ready in case of an emergency. When considering your options, check whether the company offers services beyond strictly towing. Companies that go beyond towing and hauling are better prepared to advise and assist you should you require a tire change, collision evaluation or other technical services. Calling a quality towing company following an accident can be a call that brings you an ally and knowledgeable advisor who can guide you through the stressful moments following an accident.

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