What to do if Your Car gets Impounded in San Diego County

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What to do if Your Car gets Impounded in San Diego County

You’re on your way to an important meeting or in a hurry to catch a flight or to pick up your child from school or soccer practice – and your car breaks down! Can you imagine the horror of missing a client meeting at the last minute, or missing a flight or worse, having your child wait for you at school or at the ground? What do you do in such a nightmarish scenario? You do what most people do – leave your car and take a cab to the meeting or to the airport or to pick your child up. Then the real nightmare starts – you find that your car has been towed away, because it was hindering the flow of traffic. Now what? Read on to find out the best way to handle such emergencies on the road.

What To Do When Your Car is Impounded in San Diego County

Why was your car towed away?

In the city of San Diego, the parking regulations specify that:

  • Any car that is left on the city property for more than 72 hours, without even being moved 1/10th of a mile can be impounded.
  • Any vehicle that has been parked on city property, with more than five unpaid parking tickets/citations can be impounded.
  •  Any vehicle that has been parked on city property in violation of posted parking signs.
  • Any vehicle that is parked on city property with expired registration of more than six months.
  • Any vehicle that is found on city property found illegally parked, without valid registration or permit being displayed.
  •   Any vehicle parked on city properly that impedes smooth flow of traffic.
  •  Any vehicle parked haphazardly in a driveway causing inconvenience to others, and if a complaint is registered.
  • Any stolen vehicle recovered, can be impounded if the owner takes more than 20 minutes to arrive to take the vehicle after getting the call regarding the same.
  • Any vehicle found parked in the carpool lane.

What To Do When Your Car is Impounded in San Diego CountyWhat are your options when your car is impounded in San Diego?

The first thing for you to do is to find out to which lot your car has been towed away to, and by which towing agency. To get this information, you can call the 24 hours, 7 days a weeks service at the toll free number. There are some private towing companies as well that impound vehicles on behalf of the city of San Diego and also on behalf of some commercial and residential property owners. Just be sure to have your details on hand, like your name, vehicle license number, make and model. This will help get a faster resolution to your problem. Once you know the lot where your car has been towed to, and the amount due in fees and the available methods for paying the dues, you can move on with retrieving your car. Be sure to carry your owner’s registration and your driver’s license when you go to recover your car. Having all the necessary paperwork ready will help to make the process as painless as possible.  

How much is it going to cost you?

In most cases the impound process takes three hours, so after three hours, you can try to get your vehicle released. Getting your impounded vehicle released might prove to be quite costly, especially if you have pending parking dues or other fines outstanding. You will have to pay the fines or other dues, the towing charges, the impound charges, and holding charges on a per-day basis. All these could add up to a significant amount, if you’re not careful in following parking rules and regulations, or have your papers updated.

If you find yourself stranded on the roadside anywhere in San Diego, give us a call and we will be with you in under 30 minutes to help you on your way. Don’t take a chance and let your car be towed away!

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