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  • Emergency Supplies for your Car in San Diego County

Emergency Supplies for Your Car

Modern cars are more reliable than ever, and well-maintained cars are much less likely to break down than they were years ago. However, breakdowns do occasionally happen, and when they do, being prepared can make things go much easier. Here are a few emergency supplies that can be of real help should you break down:

Cell Phone Charger

Most people carry a cell phone with them at all times. So if you break down, you can call for assistance – but only if your phone is charged. A USB charger that fits in the car’s cigarette lighter socket plus a charging lead can be yours for a few dollars.

Warning Triangles

On the freeway it is sometimes difficult to judge whether a car is stationary or not, especially at night. Other drivers may be tired or not paying full attention to the road. A warning triangle provides other drivers some additional warning that you have broken down and could well avoid an accident. On winding country roads with blind bends, forewarning other drivers is even more important.

Tow Rope

While it is not advisable to be towed for any distance by a tow rope, having a tow rope with you can offer a very quick means of removing your car from a dangerous area to one of safety.

Battery Jumper Cables

If you have a flat battery and your car will not start, having your engine jump started with the assistance of a friendly fellow motorist means that you will be able to drive to a place where you can get your battery changed.

Spare Fuses

If you have an electrical failure while you are driving, it can often be caused by a blown fuse. Replacing a fuse can sort the problem out immediately.

Just check your owner’s book for fuses and look for the problem area. The book will tell you where the blown fuse is. Just pull out the old fuse and replace it with a new one of the same amperage.

Bottled Water

If you are in a remote area, breakdown assistance can take some time to reach you. Keeping a few bottles of water in the trunk can literally be a lifesaver.

Long-life Snacks

If you are stuck for some time, snacks can help make the time pass easier. Snacks are especially important if you have children with you. Don’t forget to check from time to time to make sure that they have not expired.

Torch and spare batteries

Torches are especially useful at night, not only for seeing where you are going, but for signaling other motorists.

Multi-purpose tool

Sometimes tightening up a loose screw or nut can get you back on your way, even temporarily.  

Telephone number for a reliable breakdown service

Having a number for a breakdown service programed into your cell phone can save a lot of bother when you break down. The number for NK Towing is 760-405-8897, add it to your phone now if you live in San Diego County.

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As stated in the introduction, the chances of breaking down are quite small and, hopefully it will never happen to you, but if it does, you will be thankful that you took these precautions.


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