Helpful Programs for Those Too Drunk to Drive

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Helpful Programs for Those Too Drunk to Drive

Since there have been cars, drinking and driving has been a problem. Many go out with the plan to indulge a bit, only to end up reaching the point where they are too drunk to drive home. If you have ever been in that position, you know that it’s not easy. When your night has come to an end, what choices do you have?

In the past, there weren’t many options besides calling a friend or sleeping it off in the car, especially for those not in urban centers where taxis are harder to come by. But over the years, awareness of drunk driving and related fatalities has risen, reducing the social acceptability of drunk driving and giving us more options to choose from when we realize we have had a little bit too much. What are some of these options?  

Download the StearClear App

This app is pretty unique in the world of designated driver (DD) services. While most DD services focus on getting you home safely, this app works to get both you and your car home. Many people are hesitant to use a DD service because they fear their car will be broken into or towed, and that fear can motivate them to make some very bad decisions. StearClear partners with towing and taxi services around the country to get you and your vehicle home after a night out.  

Contact a Local Towing Service

If you download the StearClear app and cannot find a service near you, contact local towing companies to see if they offer a DD program. You will be surprised by how many of them do. For example, NK Towing in Southern California offers a 24/7 service for anyone in our service area who feels too drunk to drive. While many of these companies do not advertise their service publically, they are happy to help when you call, bringing both you and your car home.

Program the Number for a DD Service into Your Phone

There are numerous DD programs throughout the country, and keeps a national database of these services. To find those local to you, simply use their search for your state and county and then program the number into your phone book. Then you can feel safe to enjoy a fun night out.  

Find Out if Your City Offers an Uber DD Partnership

Many cities are starting to partner with Uber to offer DD services in areas that did not previously have any programs. While these programs are fairly new, they are growing. If you live in a city that has Uber service, contact Uber for more information.

If You’re Too Drunk to Drive, Ask Your Bartender to Call a Service

Finally, even if your own research doesn’t turn up a service, chances are your bartender will know of several that you can use. Don’t be embarrassed to ask; they want you to get home safely. Chances are your bartender will not just recommend a DD service, but will call them up for you.

Indulge Safely

Remember: being responsible does not mean putting a damper on your night. The best option is always not needing help. And you don’t have to be drunk to have a good time. But if you can’t help yourself, these programs can get you home safely, and help keep the roads safe as well.

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