How to Avoid Breakdowns

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How to Avoid Breakdowns

Avoid Breakdowns by Being Prepared

If you own a car and drive it on a regular basis, you are going to experience a breakdown sooner or later. Car breakdowns are an annoying part of any vehicle owner’s life. While efficient help from car repair experts can quickly be summoned to the scene, it is always a good idea to try to avoid breakdowns where possible. And though they are bound to happen at some point, there are simple ways to ensure that breakdowns occur only very rarely, and require only a simple fix. We list these breakdowns according to their causes, so you can learn how to prevent each kind.

Overheated Engine

An overheated engine is one of the most common causes of car breakdowns. Particularly in a warm climate such as Southern California, overheating can occur seemingly out of nowhere and cause your car to stop on the roadside. Making sure that your radiator is regularly checked for leaks and topped off with quality coolant can prevent your car from overheating and experiencing a breakdown when you least expect it.

No Fuel or the Wrong Fuel

Though this is an issue most people think they will probably never encounter, it is worth mentioning since it actually happens to many drivers on a daily basis across the nation: an empty fuel tank. Running out of gas while on the road takes up a lot of your time and is a major inconvenience. Take the time to learn what kind of gas your car uses, and make sure you pay close attention to your car’s low-fuel warning light. Fill up your gas tank with the correct type of fuel at the start of every journey.

Stalled Engine

Another common cause of vehicle breakdowns is related to engine stalling. Due to mechanical failure, an electric spark, or the loss of fuel or airflow, your engine may cease turning and your car can stall on the roadside. Usually your car will be able to restart in such instances, but frequent stalling can cause your car to fully breakdown and give you more grief than necessary. Again, regular maintenance and vigilance can keep you ahead of the game and help you avoid such a situation.

Tire Damage

Keeping an eye on your tires is paramount to the wellbeing of your vehicle. Check the tread of your tires and make sure tire wear is even throughout. If not, your wheels may be misaligned. Wheel rims and sidewalls may become damaged due to contact your tires make with curbs while you are street parking. If any of these issues seem to be present with your tires, make sure you consult a specialist for repair and prevention of further complications. In addition to visible tire damage, checking your tire pressure to make sure it is in compliance with your vehicle manufacturer’s handbook is also imperative.

It’s All About Prevention

The first step in preventing a breakdown is to ensure your vehicle is receiving quality maintenance on a regular basis. It’s easy to ignore all the little sounds and hiccups your vehicle makes out of the blue, I mean, if the car is running, it’s okay, right? It’s tempting to think so, and most of us engage in this kind of thinking regularly in order to not disrupt our busy schedules, but most cars have signals to let us know trouble is brewing. Another key to avoiding a breakdown is to understand what is most likely to go wrong. Keeping in mind all of the key points discussed in this article will help you be a conscientious vehicle owner. It is usually the simple things, like a delayed oil change, that can lead to damage and costly repairs if you neglect them or are unaware of the potential issues.

Lean on an Expert

In general, staying on top of repairs and maintenance is the best way to avoid breakdowns. When breakdowns do occur while you are on the road, having the phone number handy for a reliable towing company that you know and trust can be extremely helpful. The right company will be at your location within 30 minutes no matter what day or time you are sidelined. They can often help you with a minor mechanical failure (such as a dead battery or tire change) to help you get back on the road. They can also help you determine what is needed to repair your vehicle, and tow your car anywhere needed. Not all towing companies provide all these forms of roadside assistance, so taking the time to identify such a company and saving their number can save you a lot of time when the hour of need finally strikes.

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