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At NK Towing and Roadside Services, we love working in and around San Diego because of the picturesque coastline, magnificent inland and the friendly people that visit and reside here.  San Diego’s many desirable qualities have drawn in many residents over the years, making it California’s second largest city and the eighth largest city in the United States.  At NK Towing & Roadside Services, we are proud to serve the San Diego community.  We have over thirteen years of experience in the field of roadside assistance, and know that in order for a city of this size to function and thrive, we must continue to provide services of the highest quality to keep you going.  As a local business, we raise our families in the same communities we work in.  So when we take your call for services, we want to treat you like family.

Towing is our expertise, but we also provide collision and accident services, battery services, lockout services, tire changes, fuel delivery and more!  NK Towing is the company you can trust for fast, professional and affordable service.  When you keep our phone number on speed dial, you are never stranded without assistance on the roadside.  You may be down, but you are not out of the race.   

Towing Services

San Diego Tow Truck ServiceNK Towing’s duty is to provide responsive and reliable towing services with the utmost emphasis on safety and comfort of our customers.  We rely on safe and properly maintained equipment and quality customer service to get you to your destination 100% damage-free.  Our high level of operation and business standards meets the California Department of Transportation guidelines.

Whether your vehicle refuses to start or you have experienced an accident, we are happy to help.  We tow cars, small-to medium-sized pickup trucks, RVs, buses, motorcycles, boats, construction equipment, forklifts and generators to name a few.  It is our policy to arrive within 30 minutes of your call, so call us anytime, day or night, at (760)745-3495.  Let us give you the prompt, dependable service you deserve!

Heavy-Duty Towing

When your car breaks down, you call the towing service. But what about if your bus breaks down? Or your semi-trailer? Even with larger vehicles, a towing service is needed. But not just any towing service will do. Drivers of oversized vehicles require heavy-duty towing services, which are provided by NK Towing.

This type of towing requires special machines and special care. There is a lot that can go wrong, and we take all the necessary steps to guard against the possibilities. With oversized vehicles, there is no margin for error, and we work with great care and precision. Among the vehicles we can transport with our heavy-duty towing service are:

  •         Buses
  •         Box Trucks
  •         Motor Homes and RVs
  •         Limousines
  •         Semi-Trailers
  •         Tractor-Trailers

Collision and Accident Services

Collision Towing Service in San DiegoIf you are in a car accident, first take a moment to survey the situation to make sure you and your passengers are okay before you safely exit the vehicle.  Secondly, call NK Towing to handle the dirty work.  Our trained professionals will arrive promptly, prepared to respond to the situation.  After helping you obtain all of the necessary information, we will extract your vehicle safely from the road and clean up the debris so that traffic flow can continue.  We will transport you and your vehicle to the auto shop of your choice, or recommend select shops based on your location.  Accidents happen all the time, and when they do, the professionals at NK Towing understand how to remain calm under pressure.

Battery Services

San Diego NK Towing Battery ServicesCall NK Towing if you have a dead battery and need a jump.  We will send our battery technician to meet you at home, at work, or on the roadside.  We arrive equipped to test your dead battery, and can even provide and install a new battery if you need one.  Rather than finding a ride to your auto parts store, you can call ahead to schedule a battery appointment that is convenient for you.  We provide a 6-year warranty on all our new batteries.


San Diego Car Lockout Service - 24 hoursIf you are locked out of your vehicle, NK Towing & Roadside Services can get you back in.  We know the inconvenience a lockout causes, so we arrive quickly to unlock your car.  Don’t risk damaging your car with a wire hanger that won’t get you into your car.  NK Towing is only a phone call away, and we will arrive in less than 30 minutes to relieve you of the stress and hassle of a lockout.  Our mechanics are rigorously screened and trained so we can ensure the most reliable and skilled help every time.  If your car has electronic locks, let us know when you call.  If we cannot open it, we can get you in contact with your dealer, or whomever is most qualified to open your lock.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery Service in San Diego - 24 Hour ServiceIf you run out of gas, call NK Towing.  Sure, you could walk or hitchhike to the nearest service station, but that option often proves to be inconvenient, and even dangerous.  Rather than risking an undesirable situation, call us for your emergency fuel delivery.  No matter where you are, day or night, we want you to stay safe.  We will deliver gas to you within 30 minutes of your call so that you can get to the nearest gas station.  It’s that easy.

NK Towing’s Commitment to the City of San Diego

Did you know San Diego is California’s birthplace?  It was the first place Europeans set foot on before they settled.  With its temperate, year-round climate, natural open spaces, and extensive coastline, it is no wonder why people continued to settle here.  As the seat of San Diego County, it is also the economic center of the region and has recently rose as a healthcare and biotechnology development hub.

San Diego’s undulating geography comes from its 200+ deep canyons separating mesas.  Most of the urban communities are situated on the mesas, such as Balboa Park, Hillcrest and North Park, Mission Valley, Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, and Rancho Bernardo to the north, Lake Hodges and San Pasqual Valley to the far northeast, Carmel Valley and Del Mar Heights to the northwest, City Heights and College Area to the east and southeast, and Golden Triangle and Torrey Pines State Preserve to the south.  These are only a few of San Diego’s nearly 90 neighborhoods and communities.

NK Towing & Roadside Services serves them all.  With a city as expansive and spread out as San Diego, citizens spend a lot of time on the road, commuting to work and to enjoy other areas of the city.  Knowing this, NK Towing promises to assist every driver with fast and dependable service.  Not only that, we treat you like a friend, always striving to provide you the positive experience that you deserve.   

Our Promise To You

NK Towing Proudly Services San DiegoAll citizens and visitors of San Diego receive quality service when they call NK Towing.  We are committed to making sure your vehicle is operating at top efficiency, so you are never stranded on the roadside.  Call us today at
(760)745-3495 for emergency towing, lockout or fuel delivery services.  Or save our number for future reference.  Let us be that friend you can count on when you are in need.  We will be there for you!

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Super awesome technicians! Just called the auto club cause my car wouldn’t start and Josh & Tyler came to the rescue! JThey were honest, awesome, really cool and helped me get my battery started again! They were very thorough in explaining my battery report and my options! My car is happy and so am I! Thanks Josh & Tyler!
- Desi V.

Bringing You Safely Home

When you contact a towing company, you want them to be punctual, trustworthy, and competent.  At NK Towing & Roadside Services, our standard is exemplary customer service, and that is what we strive to provide for all of our customers.  When you are experiencing a service-related emergency, you can bet we’ll be there to help, in 30 minutes or less.

We only hire drivers that prove themselves to us through a vigorous training process, and by measuring up to our standard for showing due concern for our customers.  Given our mechanical knowledge, we can often get you back on the road without a tow by changing a tire, installing a new battery, delivering a couple gallons of fuel, or unlocking your car door.  But if you need a tow, you can ride with us in confidence as we deliver you and your vehicle safely to your destination.With four locations in northern San Diego County, NK Towing & Roadside Services is only 30 minutes away.  

The next time you find yourself stranded and in need of help, give us a call.  Give us a chance to be that friend that you can always count on.  

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