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NK Towing & Roadside Services is proud to provide emergency roadside assistance to the thriving City of San Marcos.  Our locally based facilities offer services that deal effectively with common problems such as collisions, stalled vehicles, disabled vehicles and abandoned vehicles.  We also have the experience needed to identify uncommon problems that may keep your car, truck or van out of action.  With affordable pricing and reliable customer service, we aim to minimize the inconvenience and danger of accidents and motor vehicle failures.

Towing Services

San Marcos Tow Truck Service - 24 Hours a DayNK Towing has facilities located in the northern San Diego County communities of Vista, Escondido and Del Mar.  The proximity of these facilities gives us the ability to provide complete towing services for the nearby residents of San Marcos.  With our extensive fleet of small and large tow trucks, we can transport everything from passenger cars and trucks to RVs, boats, buses and heavy construction equipment.

All of NK Towing’s facilities meet the tough, nationwide standards required for AAA certification.  Whether you contact us early in the morning or late at night, our courteous professionals arrive at your location in half an hour or less.  Our extensive experience allows us to accurately gauge each situation and determine if towing of your vehicle or equipment is required.  In situations where towing makes sense, we ensure the safe transport of your property to your designated delivery point.  When appropriate, we also offer on-site services that can help you avoid the need for towing.

Heavy Duty Towing

If your car breaks down, you call the local towing company. But if you end up on the side of the road with a broken-down bus, things aren’t so simple. In these cases, you need a heavy-duty towing service. These services are equipped to move oversized vehicles safely and quickly.

NK Towing provides heavy-duty towing services, using the right machinery and the greatest of care to transport these vehicles to where they can be repaired. We understand what is at stake when moving oversized vehicles and we leave nothing to chance. Among the vehicles we can transport with our heavy-duty towing service are:

  •        Buses
  •        Box Trucks
  •        Motor Homes and RVs
  •        Limousines
  •        Semi-Trailers
  •        Tractor-Trailers

Collision Services

Collision towing services in San MarcosCollisions are a relatively common occurrence on Southern California’s crowded roads and highways.  In addition to attending to matters of personal safety, anyone involved in a collision must cope with a damaged, potentially disabled vehicle.  A phone call to any of our area facilities will provide residents of San Marcos with top-notch services designed to reduce the strain of involvement in a motor vehicle accident.  Upon arriving at the scene, our technicians take critical steps that include assessing the ongoing danger of the situation, removing your vehicle from active traffic lanes, and making sure that you and your vehicle receive safe transport from the area.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery Services in San MarcosMost drivers don’t know that modern motor vehicles are quite sensitive to low-fuel conditions, and will stall out much more quickly than older, less fuel-sensitive vehicles.  In addition to producing considerable inconvenience, an empty gas tank may inspire you to take hazardous actions such as hitching a ride from strangers or walking to a service station in dark or unfamiliar conditions.  NK Towing helps you avoid these desperate measures by delivering two gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel directly to your location.  We provide this service around the clock, so you never have to abandon your vehicle.  Even if you’re stuck in a relatively remote location, we promise to deliver your fuel in half an hour or less.


Car Lockout Service in San MarcosLockouts are another major, unexpected nuisance for motorists of all ages.  Just like an empty fuel tank, the sight of your keys inside your locked vehicle may inspire unwise behavior that wastes time, adds to your frustration, and increases your personal risk.  No matter where you are in San Marcos, NK Towing can promptly send a professional to address your situation conveniently and safely.  If your vehicle has a mechanical locking mechanism, we can typically get you access to your keys with a brief, simple procedure.  In some cases, modern vehicles have electronic locks that can only be opened by a manufacturer’s representative.  If this is true for you, we can help you get in touch with the nearest vehicle dealership.

Battery Services

Battery Replacement and Jumpstart Services in San MarcosBattery malfunctions are one of the most common reasons for a vehicle breakdown.  However, some motorists mistake other types of significant issues for battery problems and end up paying for services they don’t need.  If you suspect you have a battery-related issue, call the experts at NK Towing.  When we reach your location, we’ll check the health of your battery and the health of the terminals that connect the battery to your vehicle’s electrical system.  If necessary, we will switch out these critical components for long-lasting, high-quality replacement parts.  We’ll also let you know if other issues — such as damaged wiring or a malfunctioning starter motor — are the true source of the problem.  In such cases, we can tow your vehicle to your preferred garage for the necessary repairs.

We’re Dedicated to San Marcos

San Marcos is a rapidly growing city with nearly 90,000 residents.  Like many San Diego-area communities, its roots as an organized settlement extend all the way back to the 1800s.  While part of the larger San Diego metropolis, San Marcos retains its own distinct flavor and atmosphere.  Highlights of the community include a separately maintained school district, the 9,000-student campus of California State University San Marcos, a well-developed park and recreation system, a vibrant local economy, and a substantial public transportation system that includes both buses and trains.  San Marcos is also known for its diverse restaurant options, fine hotels and golf courses.

NK Towing is dedicated to serving San Marcos and neighboring communities throughout the county’s coastal and northern regions.  Over our 13 years of operation, we have grown to love the community we serve, and call it our home.  With full-service facilities in three nearby cities, the residents of San Marcos can count on well-trained personnel who understand the area’s road conditions and can respond rapidly to all requests for assistance.

Our Service Guarantee

NK Towing proudly Services San MarcosWherever you live in the San Marcos area, you can reach the professionals at NK Towing with just one phone call.  Regardless of the season or time of day, we guarantee that we’ll respond promptly to your call, reach you within half an hour, and provide affordable services that get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  At all times, we strive to ease your burden in difficult circumstances.

Contact Us

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Super awesome technicians! Just called the auto club cause my car wouldn’t start and Josh & Tyler came to the rescue! JThey were honest, awesome, really cool and helped me get my battery started again! They were very thorough in explaining my battery report and my options! My car is happy and so am I! Thanks Josh & Tyler!
- Desi V.

Bringing You Safely Home

When you contact a towing company, you want them to be punctual, trustworthy, and competent.  At NK Towing & Roadside Services, our standard is exemplary customer service, and that is what we strive to provide for all of our customers.  When you are experiencing a service-related emergency, you can bet we’ll be there to help, in 30 minutes or less.

We only hire drivers that prove themselves to us through a vigorous training process, and by measuring up to our standard for showing due concern for our customers.  Given our mechanical knowledge, we can often get you back on the road without a tow by changing a tire, installing a new battery, delivering a couple gallons of fuel, or unlocking your car door.  But if you need a tow, you can ride with us in confidence as we deliver you and your vehicle safely to your destination.With four locations in northern San Diego County, NK Towing & Roadside Services is only 30 minutes away.  

The next time you find yourself stranded and in need of help, give us a call.  Give us a chance to be that friend that you can always count on.  

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