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When it comes to providing exemplary assistance to stranded motorists, the professionals at NK Towing & Roadside Services understand the critical importance of local access and local knowledge.  That’s why we maintain locations in several communities throughout coastal and northern San Diego County.  The beautiful City of Vista is home to a major NK Towing facility.  We take pride in our association with this vibrant community, and do our utmost to provide its residents with top-notch towing services, as well as a comprehensive range of additional services designed to ease the stress of roadside emergencies.  

Towing Services

Vista Towing Service - 24 Hours a DayNK Towing is San Diego County’s leader in reliable, affordable towing.  We cover Vista and other area communities with a fleet of more than 60 towing vehicles.  In addition to vehicles capable of safely transporting various types of cars, our fleet includes vehicles capable of safely transporting pickup trucks, buses, and any size of RV.  We can also safely haul heavy equipment, boats and motorcycles.

Whatever type of problem you face on the road, just one phone call to our Vista location will bring the help you need within a 30-minute window.  Our AAA-certified towing service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  When our personnel arrive on-scene, we will quickly and accurately assess the situation.  If towing is required, we’ll determine the best method of safely transporting your vehicle or equipment to your chosen destination.  If you don’t need a tow, we can take a number of other steps to get you back in action as soon as possible.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Breaking down is a stressful experience, but it is fairly simple to address; you call the local towing company and have them get you off the side of the road. But for larger vehicles, things aren’t so simple, and you will need a heavy-duty towing service.

These services are equipped to move oversized vehicles safely and quickly, using the right machines and safety procedures. NK Towing is proud to offer heavy-duty towing services to drivers of oversized vehicles. Among the vehicles we can transport with our heavy-duty towing service are:

  •        Buses
  •        Box Trucks
  •        Motor Homes and RVs
  •        Limousines
  •        Semi-Trailers
  •        Tractor-Trailers

Collision Services

Collision towing service in VistaUnfortunately, collisions are a fact of life on America’s roads and highways.  If you find yourself involved in an auto accident, you want to know that the company responding to your situation will arrive promptly, move your vehicle out of harm’s way, and make an accurate assessment of the sustained damage.  In all circumstances, NK Towing & Roadside Services provides customers with highly trained technicians who know how to carry out each of these essential actions and determine the best way to render effective assistance.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery services in VistaFor a number of reasons, you may occasionally find yourself with an empty fuel tank while driving in San Diego County.  If this situation occurs, prompt delivery of fuel can help you avoid taking unnecessary risks, especially late at night or in remote areas.  One call to NK Towing’s Vista facility can bring the help you need.  In 30 minutes or less, we will arrive with a 2-gallon supply of gasoline or diesel that will get you up and running again.  If your vehicle runs on gasoline, we’ll also provide you with your preferred grade.


Car lockout services in VistaAccidental lockouts can happen to even the most attentive drivers.  It’s tempting to respond to these circumstances with hasty actions that can potentially lead to greater frustration and time loss.  As an alternative, you can contact our Vista location (or any of our other conveniently located San Diego County facilities) and receive prompt, efficient lockout assistance from one of our trained professionals.  Whenever possible, we’ll mechanically open your locked doors.  We’ll also help you with appropriate next steps if your electronic locks must be opened by your vehicle dealer.  

Battery Services

Battery Replacement and Jumpstart services in Vista,CaSeveral problems can keep your vehicle’s battery from functioning properly, including corroded terminals and a low battery charge.  If you believe you have a battery-related issue, you can called NK Towing & Roadside Services for advice and assistance.  When our technicians arrive, we will test your battery, and take other steps to determine the source of your problem.  After confirming the issue, we will provide remedies that include replacing your damaged battery terminals and providing you with an entirely new replacement battery suitable for your vehicle.  All of our replacement products are from top-notch manufacturers, and feature an outstanding six-year warranty.

In some cases, what looks like a battery-related problem may actually have a different underlying cause.  Examples of these potential causes include a short circuit in your vehicle’s electrical system, a malfunctioning generator, and a malfunctioning starter motor.  Our technicians have the know-how to identify these issues and save you from the unnecessary and ineffective purchase of a new battery.

We’re Dedicated to Vista

Vista is a distinctive Southern California community.  Founded in the late 1800s, the city of 96,000-plus residents officially incorporated in the early 1960s, and acquired its current charter system of government in 2007.  Although close to San Diego, Vista has its own unique amenities and attractions, including an independent school district, more than a dozen city parks, and two facilities for live theater.  Other prominent local points of interest include the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens, the Wave Waterpark, the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum and two historic adobe buildings that date back to the mid-1800s.

NK Towing is dedicated to helping motorists throughout the Vista area.  We maintain a fully staffed facility within the city, as well as a major impound yard for towed vehicles.  Our ongoing presence in the community gives us a thorough understanding of the issues facing Vista drivers, and we use this understanding to deliver timely, outstanding services in all circumstances.  When you contact us, rest assured that you will receive the very best care and customer service.

Our Service Guarantee

NK Towing proudly services Vista, CaNK Towing & Roadside Services has served the residents of San Diego County for more than a decade.  Our convenient Vista facility is located on Olive Ave. near downtown, where you can reach us 24 hours a day at (760) 536-4888.  Regardless of the roadside assistance you require, we guarantee that we’ll reach you quickly and do everything we can to minimize the stress and inconvenience of your situation.

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Super awesome technicians! Just called the auto club cause my car wouldn’t start and Josh & Tyler came to the rescue! JThey were honest, awesome, really cool and helped me get my battery started again! They were very thorough in explaining my battery report and my options! My car is happy and so am I! Thanks Josh & Tyler!
- Desi V.

Bringing You Safely Home

When you contact a towing company, you want them to be punctual, trustworthy, and competent.  At NK Towing & Roadside Services, our standard is exemplary customer service, and that is what we strive to provide for all of our customers.  When you are experiencing a service-related emergency, you can bet we’ll be there to help, in 30 minutes or less.

We only hire drivers that prove themselves to us through a vigorous training process, and by measuring up to our standard for showing due concern for our customers.  Given our mechanical knowledge, we can often get you back on the road without a tow by changing a tire, installing a new battery, delivering a couple gallons of fuel, or unlocking your car door.  But if you need a tow, you can ride with us in confidence as we deliver you and your vehicle safely to your destination.With four locations in northern San Diego County, NK Towing & Roadside Services is only 30 minutes away.  

The next time you find yourself stranded and in need of help, give us a call.  Give us a chance to be that friend that you can always count on.  

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