Never Say These Seemingly Harmless Things After a Car Crash

Out of the blue, you find yourself involved in a car or truck crash. Naturally, you want to take steps to assess the situation and check on the condition of your vehicle. You may also feel the need to interact with the other driver(s). However, at this crucial moment, you must be careful what you [...]

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The Top 5 Hazards Tow Truck Drivers Face

Tow truck drivers perform essential work, especially in an area like Southern California where there are so many vehicles on the road. However, we rarely think about the risks these drivers face. As it turns out, being a tow truck driver is dangerous work. Here are the top five hazards tow truck drivers face while [...]

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Top 5 Common Causes of Electric Vehicle Breakdowns

Whether you own an electric vehicle or not, you know that owning one comes with its own risks. In this blog, we'll look at the top 5 reasons that electric vehicles break down. Our intention isn't to dissuade you from buying one, but rather to prepare yourself. If you're a responsible owner, you'll most likely [...]

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Essential Facts about your Car’s Spare Tire

If you’ve never had a flat tire, then you’ve likely never learned how to change one. For you those like you, there are particular facts about spare tires that few people know. Knowing these facts can help you avoid trouble if you ever find yourself in a jam. Not Every Car has a Spare Tire [...]

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4 Tips for Avoiding Damage to Your Car When Towed

If you've ever needed a tow truck, you may have felt that growing dread as you watched the tow truck driver raise your car’s front wheels off of the ground. There is a good reason for this concern: Not all towing companies know the proper procedures for lifting and towing a vehicle. An improperly towed [...]

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Professional Car Battery Services vs. DIY Jump-Starting

Battery dead? If you’re stranded and wondering what your next move should be, you’ll run across two possibilities: you either wait for a professional to come to help you or cross your fingers that someone will see your plight and offer to jump your car. It’s frustrating to be stuck away from home when you [...]

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How and When to Use Emergency Road Flares

Breaking down in the middle of the road is dangerous. Whenever possible, drivers should get their car to the shoulder or another spot that is safer before calling for help. However, this is not always a possibility. Should your car break down and you are unable to get it off the road, you need to [...]

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Safe Driving Tips for Sharing the Road with a Tow Truck

When you’re on a road of any kind, you have to remain focused. Between pedestrians, loose debris, and many other distractions (mainly from other drivers!), you have your work cut out for you. However, sometimes it’s not a matter of just being aware of your surroundings and more of a lesson in proper protocol. You [...]

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5 Essential Facts About Speed Limit Laws in California

Every state has roads, and every state has speed limits, which makes it easy to assume that the laws applying to them are pretty much the same wherever you go. However, this is not the case. In California, speed limit laws are done a bit differently. How so? Allow us to explain! 1. California’s Speed [...]

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Car

So, you’re ready to part with your beloved vehicle. However, before you automatically ask your dealer about an option to trade-in or start seeking a seller, consider donating your car to charity. But, why should you donate your car rather than cashing in on a sale? Here are 6 reasons to consider: 1. Help A [...]

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