Cell Phone Use While Driving

How Dangerous Is It To Drive While Talking Or Texting? Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Though there are many advantages that come with using them, there are also some unintended negative consequences, especially when used while driving. Cell phone use while driving has become an important talking point, and this article [...]

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How to Avoid Breakdowns

Avoid Breakdowns by Being Prepared If you own a car and drive it on a regular basis, you are going to experience a breakdown sooner or later. Car breakdowns are an annoying part of any vehicle owner’s life. While efficient help from car repair experts can quickly be summoned to the scene, it is always [...]

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Experiencing a car accident is a stressful situation. Your nerves are shaking, you’ve got adrenaline pumping, and about a million things are running through your head. You’re going to be late to where you are going, you need to call your spouse and/or kids, and of course you have to consider the financial implications of [...]

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Emergency Supplies for Your Car

Modern cars are more reliable than ever, and well-maintained cars are much less likely to break down than they were years ago. However, breakdowns do occasionally happen, and when they do, being prepared can make things go much easier. Here are a few emergency supplies that can be of real help should you break down: Cell [...]

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What to do When your Car is Totaled

When your Car is Totaled After an accident you may find yourself with a totaled car and no idea what to do next. As a general rule, once your car is towed away, the matter is out of your hands. Your insurance company will determine whether the car is indeed totaled and what that means [...]

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How to Change Your Tire Safely on the Freeway at Night

A flat tire is, at the best of times, a real inconvenience. In the dark on a busy freeway, it can be extremely dangerous. Should you have a flat or blow out the first thing that you need to do, whether during the day or at night, is get your car off the road. It [...]

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Common Risks for Stranded Motorists — And How to Prepare for Them

The fan belt breaks, you run out of gas, or some other mishap occurs leaving you broken down on the side of the road. You are now a stranded motorist. If you have planned ahead and have quality roadside assistance, the experience will hopefully be resolved quickly and ultimately be just a minor blip on [...]

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Helpful Programs for Those Too Drunk to Drive

Since there have been cars, drinking and driving has been a problem. Many go out with the plan to indulge a bit, only to end up reaching the point where they are too drunk to drive home. If you have ever been in that position, you know that it’s not easy. When your night has [...]

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