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If you drive a high-weight vehicle such as a tractor-trailer or a bus, you must turn to a heavy duty towing service in San Diego when serious road mishaps or breakdowns occur within county lines. That’s because only this type of service can provide the knowledge and specialized equipment needed to safely resolve the situation and transport your vehicle for needed repairs. You must also seek heavy towing assistance to transport heavy items such as shipping containers, forklifts and heavy machinery.

When choosing a San Diego heavy duty towing company, there is no margin for error. Even a small lapse in knowledge or judgment on the part of your provider can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario of equipment damage, lost property and even injury. That’s why you must go with a tow service you can trust. In Coastal and North San Diego County, the name to trust for heavy duty towing service is NK Towing. For well over a decade, we’ve set the bar for well-trained personnel, top-quality equipment and towing expertise you can rely on. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can count on us to keep you out of harm’s way and help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

What Is Heavy Duty Towing?

Heavy duty towing is reserved for vehicles too heavy or too large to transport with the types of vehicles used to transport most cars and light trucks. In some cases, providers of this service also specialize in the preliminary procedures needed to get a high-weight vehicle into proper position for loading prior to transport. Heavy duty towing services also commonly transport a wide variety of heavy equipment that can’t be moved by other means.

Training and Experience Are Crucial

Not just anybody can buy equipment and go into business as a heavy duty towing company. In fact, only properly trained and certified professionals have what it takes to assess each towing scenario, determine which equipment is needed to provide the required assistance, and deliver that assistance in a manner that follows the appropriate safety protocols in all situations. Failure to stick to these protocols puts you, your equipment and your precious cargo at risk.

At NK Towing, we uphold the highest standards for professionalism in heavy duty towing and transportation. No matter when you contact us, we’ll promptly dispatch our expert drivers to your location with the equipment needed to get the job done. Once on-site, we’ll accurately analyze your situation and get your vehicle or non-vehicular item ready for transport. Before hitting the road, we’ll carefully conduct all of the safety checks required to ensure a trouble-free journey to your desired destination.

What Can We Tow?

NK Towing is a full-service heavy duty towing company in San Diego. This means that we can safely transport a wide variety of vehicles, including:

• Buses
• Box trucks
• Motor homes/RVs
• Limousines
• Semi- trucks, and
• Semi- trucks with attached trailers (i.e., tractor-trailers)

We can also transport a broad range of other large/heavy items, including:

• Heavy machinery or equipment
• Shipping containers
• Boats
• Forklifts, and
• Tool boxes

Our Available Heavy Duty Tow Truck Services

hdt image5Light/Medium Heavy Duty Trucks

Light/medium heavy duty tow trucks are designed to transport any car or light truck that weighs 10,000 lbs or less. While powerful, their relatively small profile allows them to fit on any standard roadway, as well as in various tight spaces not wide enough for larger vehicles. All of the trucks in our fleet come equipped with modern wheel-lift systems that maximize safety and ease of transport.

hdt image6Medium Heavy Duty/Combination Trucks

Heavy duty tow trucks in this category are designed to transport larger vehicles that weigh anywhere from just over 10,000 lbs up to 26,000 lbs. To maximize their versatility, they typically come with a variety of accessories that allow them to carry a range of vehicles. Examples of these accessories include winches, wheel-lift systems, underlifts and low-profile wheel grids. All of our medium duty/combination trucks come fully equipped to deal with a vast array of roadside conditions.

hdt image7Large Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy duty tow trucks in this category transport vehicles that weigh in excess of 26,000 lbs. They may also transport lighter vehicles that a medium duty/combination truck can’t accommodate. Sometimes known as breakdown trucks or recovery trucks, heavy duty tow trucks are essential for the towing of large/heavy vehicles no longer in suitable condition for driving following an accident or equipment failure. Because of the jobs it must perform, each of these trucks come outfitted with five core tools: a wheel lift, a self-loader, a boom, a hook-and-chain system and a flatbed trailer attachment. We maintain a fleet of heavy duty trucks ready to go at all times.

hdt image8Landoll Trailers

Landoll is America’s most trusted name in the field of transport trailers. Among other things, they specialize in the manufacture of durable, high-quality flatbed trailers for towing and recovery operations. At NK Towing, we rely on a variety of Landoll trailers to ensure the safe transportation of vehicles that can’t easily be moved by other means.

hdt image9Car Carriers

Car carriers are flatbed trucks specifically designed for the transport of cars, SUVs and light trucks. They’re also known as car haulers. We maintain a modern, well-equipped fleet of these vehicles.


Vehicles in need of assistance are sometimes positioned in ways that make towing difficult or impossible. Common scenarios for such a situation include vehicles stuck in mud or sand, vehicles resting partially on parking barriers and vehicles resting on heavily broken or uneven pavement. In order to reach vehicles in these circumstances, you must contact a towing company that provides a winch-out or winching service. If your vehicle is overturned or otherwise not properly situated for winching, you will also need a recovery service to place it in an accessible position. At NK Towing, we can perform winch-outs on most vehicles within 100 ft of a properly paved surface. We can also provide the preliminary vehicle recovery assistance needed to make winching and other towing services possible.

Your Home for Heavy Duty Towing in San Diego

Any time of day or night, you can rely on the heavy duty towing experts at NK Towing. Since we first opened for business more than 13 years ago, our award-winning company has safely transported all kinds of high-weight vehicles and equipment over San Diego’s hilly, occasionally treacherous terrain. No matter your situation, we’ll be on the scene anywhere within our service area in 30 minutes or less. Our courteous drivers always work hard on your behalf, and our affordable pricing means that you’ll get the best without putting your budget in jeopardy. Call us today for emergency assistance or your scheduled transport job.

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Super awesome technicians! Just called the auto club cause my car wouldn’t start and Josh & Tyler came to the rescue! JThey were honest, awesome, really cool and helped me get my battery started again! They were very thorough in explaining my battery report and my options! My car is happy and so am I! Thanks Josh & Tyler!
- Desi V.

Bringing You Safely Home

When you contact a towing company, you want them to be punctual, trustworthy, and competent.  At NK Towing & Roadside Services, our standard is exemplary customer service, and that is what we strive to provide for all of our customers.  When you are experiencing a service-related emergency, you can bet we’ll be there to help, in 30 minutes or less.

We only hire drivers that prove themselves to us through a vigorous training process, and by measuring up to our standard for showing due concern for our customers.  Given our mechanical knowledge, we can often get you back on the road without a tow by changing a tire, installing a new battery, delivering a couple gallons of fuel, or unlocking your car door.  But if you need a tow, you can ride with us in confidence as we deliver you and your vehicle safely to your destination.With four locations in northern San Diego County, NK Towing & Roadside Services is only 30 minutes away.  

The next time you find yourself stranded and in need of help, give us a call.  Give us a chance to be that friend that you can always count on.  

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