Top 5 Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Seat Belt

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Seat Belt

You hop in the car and put on your seatbelt. It’s almost automatic. But then, you notice that your friend, who just got in the passenger’s side, doesn’t buckle up. Do you say something?

Our short answer? Yes! Tell your buddy to buckle up because safety comes first.

While a habit for many individuals, many Americans, especially younger populations, don’t bother using their seat belts. In 2014, over half of teens aged 13-19 and adults aged 20-44 who died in car accidents were not wearing seat belts at the time of the crash. This is just one statistic that shows the importance of wearing your seat belt. We have 5 more to share with you:

  • It’s Safer It’s much safer for you to wear a seatbelt if you’re in a crash. In fact, seat belts may cut serious crash-related injuries and deaths in half. It’s easy to be on the safe side of the statistic by wearing your seatbelt.
  • They Work with Airbags There are many modern safety enhancements such as airbags to help keep you protected on the road. However, most of these work in combination with one another, and don’t add much on their own. Airbags, for example, are designed to work in conjunction with seat belts. If you don’t wear your seat belt, any benefits the airbags may contribute to your safety will probably be lost. Make sure you take advantage of the modern safety enhancements in vehicles by wearing your seat belt.
  • Avoid Fines If the safety benefits aren’t enough to convince you to buckle up, then consider the money you could be throwing down the drain if you’re caught unrestrained. In many states, police officers are authorized to pull you over if they see that you or another passenger are not using a seat belt. Not using your seat belt can also result in an additional fine if you’re pulled over for something else such as speeding or driving with a burned out headlight. Avoid the fines by buckling up.
  • Insurance Did you know your insurance may not cover your expenses if you’re in an accident and you weren’t wearing your seat belt? If they can prove you weren’t wearing your seat belt, you may be in for big trouble, even if another driver was at fault. Don’t face this difficult situation, just wear your seatbelt.
  • Stay Put Seat belts are helpful for situations other than collisions and accidents. If you have to stop suddenly, the seat belt will make sure you stay put where you belong. Don’t risk getting thrown out of position and bumping your head because you weren’t wearing your seat belt. This is true whether you’re driving, sitting in the passenger’s seat or the back seat. Buckling up will ensure you stay put.

Remember, to ensure you gain all of the benefits of wearing your seat belt, you must follow some additional guidelines:

  • Remember to adjust your seat belt. The lap belt should fit snugly over your hips and the shoulder strap should run from your hip, up over your shoulder. It shouldn’t cross your neck. You can adjust the height of your shoulder strap by moving the attachment on the ceiling of the car.
  • Use car seats and booster seats required by law for children. Check your state’s requirements to ensure that you’re complying. Remember, it’s for your child’s safety.

So, next time you head out in your vehicle, make sure that you and any passengers are wearing their seat belts. It might save your life!

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